The mobile junk and nature playground is my business, but who am I? My name is Glenn Wagland and I have worked in child education since 2001, but my education in nature started 35 years earlier. I grew up in an outer suburb of Adelaide.  It had a large creek, cliffs and grasslands. The playgrounds were ignored, while the cliffs and creek were frequented. Like most kids in the 1970’s, I didn’t have to come home until the street lights came on. When I was nine my family moved out to the Barossa on 22 acres that backed on to a conservation park. Nature ramped up then. Brown snakes, spiders, goannas, and killer kangaroos were everywhere. Disused wells, more cliffs and dilapidated farm machinery created risky environments that no parent should have known about. Huge gum trees 150 feet high were conquered. Most of my adult life was spent in rural environments. My children grew up with nature. Video games and toys advertised on TV couldn’t match Nature play and re-inventing junk. After many jobs, I started a Family daycare business. The acre property was full on bush, equipped with its own brown snake. The children were snake aware, and the snake was child aware. From Family day care to OSHC, to long daycare centre director and now early childhood teacher. I did it all. My goals were always to bring nature into the services. In 2013 I started the nature play workshops, travelling all over South Australia. My goal is to keep advocating for risky nature play until South Australia is littered with nature based learning sites, with kids climbing trees, eating mud and building forts.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Glenn,

    I’m an educator at hackney kindy. We heard you visit kindy sites and offer great learning through loose parts. We already have a bunch of loose parts at our site but were wondering if you could inspire us and the children more, especially around cubby building.


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